Sunday, October 25, 2009

I've got a feeling.....

….that this week is gonna be a really good one!!! Let’s look at this past week first though. On Wednesday Aaron surprised me with a car!!! A friend of ours goes to car auctions and got a VW Beetle for us there! Aaron is the best. He got everything else done for it on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. He got the inspection done, the registration or whatever and got me a toll tag and put the license plates on there. He is the best!!! Saturday morning he left for a little bit and then before he went to work he asked me to follow him somewhere really quick. Well, he ended up saying we will take his car and as I grabbed my keys I noticed my car key was gone. We went to Best Buy to get my car because he had dropped it off, since he felt “like the sound system was, it sounded weird”. Oh well, ok. So I get in there and what is there?? A brand-new radio with CD-player (since the radio in the car did not have one), connection for an I-Pod and a USB thing so I can actually put my USB-stick in there and listen to music. But wait, the best thing is: It changed display colors to all colors of the rainbow. We had looked at radios the other day and I said it would be cool to have a Zumba ® green radio, since I planned on decorating my car with Zumba® stuff in green. And that is what he got. I took the weekend off work, because I needed the break. So yesterday I got a car wash, went to the mall to take care of Jasmin’s surprise and was disappointed. The airbrush store in the mall moved out. Bummer. Oh well, we’ll just get it done when she comes in town next. I still have the other surprise for her! Hehe he. OK, so then last night I decorated the car and put Cody in it. Gotta make a video of it. She likes my car. How could she not?

So, tomorrow is gonna be an awesome day. Jasmin sent me a package which is tracked this time and is supposed to get here tomorrow. YEAY. And she said she put two (!), not one, but TWO, surprises in there!!! Also, the new clothes on the Zumba ® website are gonna be launched, so that means someone’s credit card is gonna burn…. Then, on Wednesday we are going to the “So you think you can dance”-tour in McKinney. YEAY!!! It is gonna be soooooo cool! On Thursday our moving progress starts. We have three to four days to move from this apartment to the new one. I am excited and really looking forward to the week, though I miss my family!!!

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