Monday, April 20, 2009

I got my social security card - finally!!!

YEAY, I finally got my social security card in the mail on Friday - made my day!!! Other than that nothing has really happened, but now I can finally open up my bank account, get my Texas I.D. and my Texas driver's license! Time to make some money, baby!
This weekend we had a barbecue at Tut's (Aaron's aunt) house for O.J.'s (Aaron's Mom) birthday. That was fun. Also, Tut's son Ken plays soccer and we went to his game. Imagine a handful of four-year-olds on a mini soccer field, who do not know what the heck they are doing.... It was so funny!!!! They lost though. Ken scored one goal - for me, since I am his girlfriend. He even broke up with Hawaii (Aaron's other aunt), so he could be with me, lol.
On Saturday night we went to my first Gambian Party. It was a late Easter Party and let me tell you, they can do things with their butts...... oh boy...... I have never seen that....
So, this week I have a lot of organisational stuff to do and then Aaron is going to Las Vegas on Sunday. I'll be home alone for three days, but maybe that is good for us ;-)

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