Sunday, May 3, 2009

It is already May???

So I survived my first time being home alone in Dallas. I got my hair done, took some classes at the gym, took a cooking class with the apartments and ordered Aaron's birthday ice cream cake.
I dropped off the guys last Sunday morning at like 6am, so waaaaaay too early and picked them up on Tuesday night at 11.30pm. I even found my way to the airport without navigation, yeay!
I finally got my bank account set up and registered for AFAA's Group Exercise Certification as well as my personal trainer class with Cooper Institute at the end of May, before Jasmin comes. Costs over $1,000 all together with all the tests and study material but I would have had to get the AFAA anyway and planned on getting PT certified this year as well. I went to Baylor Tom Landry Fitness Center on Thursday and talked to the group exercise coordinator there about working there. She is so nice and thanks to Jeremy (again) we got in touch. Hopefully soon I will hear from her about an open position. I took her ZUMBA® Fitness class on Friday at 12noon and taught like four songs myself, so she could see what kind of style I do and if I am any good. And honestly, I did not mind at all. If I worked in the industry and had someone potentially teach a class or more at my facility I would have them "audition" as well, because you want to be sure that it is good work they deliver and that it is safe, especially in the fitness industry nowadays. It was a blast!!
After that I picked up Aaron's cake and went home. Thankfully he was just about to get out of the shower as I went throught the door, so I lit the candles and took the cake to the bathroom. His face was priceless! I was so nervous whether or not he would like the cake, but it turned out awesome and it tastes really good. Friday night we went out with some friends, dinner and then Lift and Wish. We were home at about 2amish and had some cake. I took out Codster and brought the concierge guys some cake, because one of them had his birthday on the same day and I thought it would be nice. So did they ;-).
Anyway, so I was in bed at 2.42am. Bootcamp started the next day at 8am and I had already told EVERYONE I was gonna go, so even though I was really tired I got up at 7am, had some breakfast and went. It was really good. Today we got our fitness assessment done and it turns out that I lost 5% of body fat within the last 5 months. Last time Jasmin measured me was in December 2008 and I did not gain or lose any weight on the scale, so it is all fat that I lost! Whoopa!!! Dear chocolate-covered almonds, I can still eat you, yeay!!!! ♥

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