Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Put your nose in the books, girl!

I graduated in July 2007 and thought I would not have to do any studying any time, well, let's say within the next five-ish years. WRONG!!! Everything apparently changed with the arrival of a page in my passport that lets me live my dream - my American dream. OK, like I mentioned in my last post I registered for my AFAA group exercise certification for June, 7th. Yes, I know that some people studied for four months to be able to take it, but I need it, and (!) I already covered all the material in my three-year training in Germany. Anyways, I have been studying for over a week now (Cooper Institute Personal Trainer, AFAA Group Exercise Trainer) and, really, I forgot how much energy it takes to focus on something and how tired and useless you really are when you are done for the day. You should have seen me the last couple of days (ask Aaron), I have just been functioning, no thinking involved after studying, took out my brain and left it with the books.... ;-)
But we did have a fun ZUMBA® Fitness Cinco de Mayo Jam at Gold's Gym on Friday. It was a-m-a-z-i-n-g! We had over 50 people and Amy set up a super-duper laser-light-show and it looked so cool in the dark!!!!
On Friday I am taking my CPR/AED class in Dallas, so I will be set for all the exams and then Saturday morning at 9am: BOOTCAMP, and our personal trainer still has to get me sore...... ;-)
My parents are in Spain right now, burned as usual, but they will be back soon. ♥

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