Monday, May 10, 2010


YEAY!!! Aqua Zumba ® with Tony Witt. It seemed to be sold out, but now it is not, so I just registered! Now, Zumba® Fitness just needs to come up with the outfit, hint hint, cough cough, like a bikini or one-piece and some flip flops. That would be awesome and purchased immediately. Last week was another busy week at work, but Aaron was in town, so that helped. Actually he was not the whole week, but most of it, so my stress release was taken care of. I cannot wait for whatever happens in about two weeks and those of you who know know, hehe he. This week we have a Grand Opening at Gold’s Gym at White Rock Lake where I work as a Personal Trainer, so if you want to take care of an awesome special or just try out a class for free, please show up and ask for me! That would be great! My sister is back home till Friday I think to get pampered with her appendix scars and she will be back in Turkey after that. No work-outs for another four weeks though, but it could have been worse. This Sunday we have a wedding to attend and my girl should be getting here within the next two hours, so exciting!!! Got a cute dress this weekend with some help of Miss Sarah and it we found it super quick! Till then, I am off to work to kick some a**.

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