Monday, May 17, 2010

10 days and counting..... DOWN that is!

So this was a quiet eventfull week(end). Well, more or less really. The week was pretty much normal, work, work, work. Friday night Aaron and I watched a movie at home and Saturday was the second annual health fair at work, where I taught Zumba® Fitness in the morning (out of line), but not a lot of people showed up. Not a lot of people showed up, period, compared to last year. I guess it was not advertised enough, or people did not really pay attention. Plus, it was graduation weekend, so I am pretty sure people were out of town or at graduations to support their families. I was beat as I got off work, and actually wanted to get a pedicure, but there are no appointments available downstairs before you know what, so I probably will have to go some place else this time. Oh well. After work I went home, did the laundry and so on and then went to eat with the man. After that we got ready to go to Flower Mount to a house party. A friend of one of Aaron’s friends, or so, knew the host and also owner of the 1.5 million dollar house where the party was, so went too. Turned out the host “knew” Aaron after all as he introduced himself to him. (Here are some links to the pictures:,,, It was a nice party and I guess Dallas’ finest were there, but I was really …..well there are not any words really to say it, because I do not want to disrespect anyone. All of y’all who know what or who the true Dallas crowd is knows what I mean I guess, hehe he. After the party we went to Oumie’s Graduation party and it was around 2am now. We were just in time for the food and it was sooooo good! There were a lot of people and it was really fun. We were in bed by 4am, and I woke up at 8am and refused to get up. At 10 am I did get up but did not really wake up till like 3pm, I was napping on the couch the entire time. I still had to finish my laundry and write my training plans for work. Laundry got finished, the training plans I wrote today, but it is all good. We left to go to Garland at 5.30pm and stayed at the wedding till 9.30pm. Everybody was so pretty and I was glad to see that everyone from Germany made it here safely! Saturday is the Aqua Zumba® workshop with Tony Witt and I am so excited!!!

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