Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I have been in Texas for 5 months TODAY - or - Only in Texas......

.... do people pull over in the middle of the highway when it rains. OK, ok, ok. It actually poured, but I was really surprised. I am excited now about what is going to happen whenever it snows, if it does. So, that was my nonsense for last week.
Work has been going good. Slowly but surely. I sold my first training sessions today myself, so today is a good day. Today is exciting anyway, because five months ago on the day Aaron and I got here and I immigrated, so yeay! It seems so much shorter than five months actually, but it has almost been a half year. Wow.
My Zumba® Fitness classes are going extremely well and I have been subbing again within the last week, because I cannot say no to it! It is just so much fun teaching it! So, yesterday I had my regular class in the morning and then I subbed for Amy and went to bootcamp afterwards. I went to bed at 10pm and was knocked out fast! But that was also due to me being at work at 7am to see a member. And since I am trying to be superwoman, I also did some laundry and went grocery shopping. Had the day pass really fast like that. Oh well.
We had a pool party at the apartment this weekend again, but not many people showed up. It was ok, but Jasmin was not there, so I mean, you know, it would not have been fun anyway ;-).
Tut, Maik and the kids also came back, so we went to Mesquite on Friday night and Sunday night, so I could get my African food fix ;-).
What else?? Oh I got some more news, too. I passed my AFAA Primary Group Exercise Certification. It was in the mail yesterday and I am really excited, because I thought I had not passed, but I got an 89 (%). So, yeay! (My German readers, das ist eine sogenannte B-Lizenz)
This Saturday, we have an 80's Party at the apartment and I am really excited, it is gonna be fun, fun, fun. But only half as much as if Jasmin was here! Miss you my sissy! I love you more than a fat kid loves chocolate!!!And that is A LOT!!!! xo ♥

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:-( wish I could be there...