Saturday, November 5, 2011

I love the invention of cruise control in my car!

Two weeks ago I was still packing up our apartment in Dallas with Amber and Kali. Though I have talked to Amber almost every day, I still miss her and Kali. I do hear her screaming requesting milk too. Well, I did start working at my new location last Thursday, on October 27th instead of on Monday because our pod was not supposed to get here till Monday. I figured since I would not have anything to move in and unpack I might as well go to work. Well little did I know...... Aaron surprised me with movers whom he had move our stuff from the pod to the new apartment on Friday. So, I could not not go to work. I did both on the weekend. I finished with the kitchen on Friday night, did the closet Saturday after work and the shoes Sunday after work. Halloween weekend, go figure. For the last three years I have always ended up doing the closet(s) on that weekend. Oh well..... A lot of the things at my new location at work are different. Others are the same. I do have to admit though, that I do miss my Preston Hollowers..... It's just a different vibe, and I am not judging, it is just different. On Thursday we are going to sin-city, Las Vegas. Justin and his Jen are getting married. That is my first trip to sin-city and I have no idea what to expect. The year is almost over, too and that means not too long and I will be one year closer to the 3-0. My little foster doggy babies seem to be doing great. Jasmin sends me plenty of videos and pictures of the little fur-monsters every day and I cannot believe how big they have gotten since I had to leave them in Germany.

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