Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A German in SoCal

This past weekend was THE weekend - the move weekend. During the entire last week, at least I feel like it, I ran errands in order to prep for the big move to Southern California. I spent most of the day Friday and all day Saturday with my Godchild Kali and her mommy Amber. They even spent the night. Friday night I got my hair done and had a feeling Aaron would surprise me. But to our disappointment he was not at home as we got to the apartment around 10.30pm. Well, 2.45am, door swings open, lights turn on, who sticks his head in the door? Aaron! Saturday we basically packed all day and Sunday morning I left around 10.30am to go to my half time stop spot in El Paso. I think I was already in New Mexico, but I am not sure. It took Champy and I around ten hours I think and we were tired! We saw the sun go down and some pretty sceneries. A couple of times on the entire trip it was weird to see signs that read the following "PRISON AREA - DO NOT PICK UP HITCH HIKERS!". And all of a sudden there was one, just one time though. Monday morning we got up at 7am and were back on the road at 7.50pm. We had to stop a couple of times to get gas and go potty or refuel on the caffeine side, but overall we drove twelve hours with a very undisturbed average of 72 miles per hour. Yayayayaya, I know..... Well, if the speed limit said 75 we went 80, if it said 65 we went 70. I saw multiple people getting pulled over but none of the highway patrol cars stopped for us. We drove all the way through Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and then some in California. I honestly gotta say the road conditions in Arizona are way better than in New Mexico.... Champy sure did not like his little seatbelt harness, so every time after I strapped him in there he waited for us to be back on the highway and tore himself free of it. That was okay though, because he stayed on his seat on his little doggy bed. Also, he did not like the sun shining on him while he was trying to sleep, so he went underneath the doggy bed for periods of time. Overall, it was a long trip. Not as bad as I anticipated, but I sure do not want to it again so soon...

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