Sunday, October 9, 2011

Two more weeks in Dallas - OR - Yet another new chapter is only two weeks away....

Two weeks are really no time at all. I was in Germany for two weeks. They passed fast, but the two weeks before I left - they sure did not pass fast enough. What really is two weeks? Nothing. I am going to be working the full two weeks, kicking some a$$ at work and I still have tons of other stuff to do. By the way, we are selling some furniture so if anybody needs anything let me know please and I will send you the link with pictures of the items. So that is one thing. Getting rid of some of our belongings, then I want to spend as much time as possible with my friends in Dallas. Yesterday, for example I spent most of the day with my precious Godchild Kali and her mommy and some of her family. Next weekend one of my good friend's sons has his very first birthday party, so I get to spend some time with little Zachary. Also, we have a company picnic Friday afternoon, so that will be fun as well. I will have to clean the apartment for move-out day, which I will have to do the week after this week, and oh ya, spend some time with my baby Champy. Then I have to run some errands before our trip. I have to get a leash thing for Champy, that I can attach on the seat belt, since he will be "road-tripping" with me. I already found a hotel midway, so we can take a break and get a good night's sleep before we drive the second half to our new home in California. Also, I have to get my car checked, should be fine though, just maybe a car wash and an oil change with tire rotation and all the good stuff before we drive those 1,400 miles to the Golden State. I am a little anxious about the change, since I do not really like change, but I know I will be fine once Champy and I will be there and we have our new routine down.

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