Sunday, June 13, 2010

The first week is always the worst :-(

I miss my Jassele. I miss my parents, too, but my sister more. I have been back home now since Monday and this week has been hard. Monday? Yes, Monday. I was supposed to get back on Sunday, but since everybody in Atlanta gets on a plane to Dallas on Sundays for whatever reasons they may have I did not make it on any of the ten or so flights on Sunday. I almost did not make it Monday, I was not even supposed to be on the plane that I was on, but I made it to Dallas at 3pm on Monday and my loved one picked me up. I just had to get my suitcase, since it had gotten to Dallas the night before and go home. I spent the night at Aaron’s aunt’s house in ATL and that was the upside of the delayed trip home. I finally met her. She had dindin waiting for me and the guest room was ready, so perfect. As I got home on Monday I was “attacked” by a very happy Cody who was REALLY happy to see me. She almost knocked me over as she greeted me. I went to work at 5pm till 8pm, went to the grocery store after work and then did the laundry. After that I went to sleep, yeay. I must say it is good to be back home, but I could have stayed longer with my sister in Turkey. For some reasons though, I guess, it is always too short when we see each other. I miss her so much, it is really bad this time. I have no idea when or where I am gonna see her again. She will be in Turkey till November of this year. I already looked at flights to see her again, but they are around $1600, and that is a lot! Plus the cost at the hotel I would have to pay. I do not know when it is gonna get better, but I know it has to. I know she misses me too, a lot and I really wished I could help her. I am really looking forward to the next time I am gonna see her and hope it is not gonna be too far away! Luv u sissy!

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