Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It is almost time again...

Today is Tuesday, I am leaving on Thursday. Let’s see how the last days have gone. On Friday after my dad and Jasmin picked me up we went to my parents’ house in Burgdorf. Since my mom did not know I was coming my dad was really nervous. We decided for me to lay down on the backseat and that Jasmin and my dad would go inside and tell her something about some surprise and then come get me. So that is what we did. As my mom saw me she did not know whether to laugh or to cry. It was so funny and cute. And then she hugged me so tight that I almost could not breathe anymore. We sat down in the new kitchen and had some coffee and cookies and my dad made me some black German bread with fried eggs, lol. My mom’s first question by the way was ”Where is Aaron?”, followed by “When are you leaving?”. Anyway, we told her about all the plans and she said we should rather go get my hair done that day. That’s what we did and there was nobody at the salon, so we were in and out. Later, we went to the grocery store with everyone and then my mom cooked for me, of course. On Saturday my dad made the bestest breakfast ever, with eggs, broetchen and everything else you might want. My parents went to Bremerhaven that day and that was good like that because we had plans for the ladies’ night anyway. Nicole and my brother were expected to come by, since Jasmin had told them she had a surprise for them. I brought Nicole’s suitcase and we put it in the middle of the hallway downstairs. As we heard them coming we were hoping that my brother would unlock the door with his keys right away and he did. Since the suitcase was in the middle of the hallway they could not not see it. Nicole was confused and my brother yelled “Hallo!” and I answered. He heard it right away, but we had expected that. They were happy to see me and we had some coffee, of course, and then they dropped us off at the train station so we could go to Hannover. We had to go to a grocery store, and after having been there, I know exactly why I never found a decent man for me in Germany. OMG, I was so ready to get out of there after 5 minutes. After that we went to my old job to say hi to one of my co-workers. We are gonna have coffee with her on Wednesday, because she could not make it to the breakfast on Sunday. Ladies’ night was awesome on Saturday night. Janis, Mara and Nathalie came over for pizza and drinks and then we watched old DRS-videos which had us rolling on the floor laughing. We discovered a new club in Hannover and went to bed at 4.30am. Our brunch plans for Sunday started at 9.30am the next morning, because that is when Jasmin woke us up. Everybody came except for one. I was disappointed big time, but I guess that is just how it is. Some people just cannot make it work. Oh well, we had tons of fun and it was so awesome to see my ladies again!!! Thank you girls so much for making time to see me and spend some time together with everyone. We had dindin at my parents’ house that night and Nicole and Sandy came as well. I ate waaaay too much, but it was so good! I went with Jasmin that night, because she had her Jazz-/Aerobics class that night followed by a Zumba® Fitness class and it was fun. We team-taught that class and it was soooo much fun!!! On Monday I went to my old job, the private school. Nobody was really there, so I left after an hour and met with my parents and Jasmin in Hannover to go shopping. It was so much fun and we had lunch at the steak house. After that we went to see Anja and Katrin, so we could talk about exchange organizations, because Katrin wants to go overseas for a year. Overall a really good time so far, and it is getting better tonight, because we are going to the Coldplay Concert in Hannover!!!

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