Friday, August 21, 2009

I did not order this rain – or – 9 hours on a plane with stereotypical Germans and I am ready to head back to Dallas ;-D

(I originally wrote this at the airport this morning at 10am local time.)

Surprise!!! Yesterday, after I worked from 6am till 12noon I got on my way to Germany, by myself. I am sitting in Frankfurt at the international airport right now and am waiting for my connecting flight, which is in three hours, urgh. My flight here was not bad, though it is really weird to have so many Germans around me again after having lived in the States for six months already. I had a really nice lady sitting next to me on this very full long-distance-flight. I already talked to Jasmin on my German (!) cell phone, lol and am trying to kill time right now.

I heard it was 33°C here yesterday… So what happened, guys? Who got their car washed today or did not finish their dindin last night?? I really am not a fan of this shitty weather here. Anyway. I am so excited about my mom’s face when she sees me, because she does not know I am in the country. So, let me tell you how this all worked out. Since Jasmin was in Dallas all June and she missed the Coldplay concert there in July, Aaron and I had said (in February) that we would go to Hannover for the concert there on this coming Tuesday. Well, Aaron stayed at home in Dallas, because he just got back from Costa Rica and has to work. Someone has to pay the bills around the house ;-). So, here I am. Waiting for the tight schedule to start. I think we tried to stuff our day plans so bad, that I won’t even have time to be jet-lagged. Hehe he. So, well, back to the story. So, Aaron decided not to come with me and first I thought, well since I started working in July, I might as well stick with the good German mentality and wait for a little bit before I ask for some time off. Well, I changed my mind. I do not break promises and I had PROMISED Jasmin I would be there for the concert. Of course my dad knows, because obviously he has to pick me up at the airport, but my mom doesn’t know, and my brother and Nicole do not know either. Some of our friends do know though, because on Sunday morning we are having a brunch at a place in Hannover and Jasmin had to reserve a table, so we needed a head-count. Today, nothing is really planned, other than calming my mom down, I guess. I requested a dindin dish, well Jasmin did, but my mom refused to cook it, because she said it was gonna be too hot today. Well mom, it is RAINING!!! Tomorrow, I plan on getting my hair done, because I did not get a chance to do so in Dallas before I left and then we are having a ladies night out, with dindin. Sunday then is the brunch with the girls and maybe we will get to relax a little bit. Monday I am visiting my old co-workers at the school and then shopping with the fam. My dad took the day off. Why? That depends on who is asking. If my mom is asking, then just because. If anybody else is asking, then so we get to spend some more time together, lol. Tuesday is the concert and I do not think there is anything else. Maybe some more window-shopping and running errands. And then there is already that Wednesday. Lunch with my brother at some famous pasta-place and then back to my parents’ house to pack and get ready to fly back home to Dallas Thursday morning, EARLY. Urgh. And that will really be it. I am sure there will be more details soon though. This was just the heads-up rough draft. But if you read this and you are in the area and want to see me, call me on my cell (my German cell), email me or call Jasmin!!!

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