Sunday, August 30, 2009

Home Sweet Home, the American that is!

I have been back in my American home since Thursday afternoon. The Coldplay concert on Tuesday in Hannover was awesome. The only thing that wasn’t was that it started drizzling, but we had covered seats, so Jasmin and I really did not mind that much. The concert started at 9pm, because it was dark at that time and since Coldplay plays a lot with lights and so on they had to wait till was dark outside. Before we went to the concert though we had coffee and lunch with my mom and her co-worker in Burgdorf. I picked up Jasmin at the train station and then we met my mom and Traute at the bar. We went to Jasmin’s apartment after that and Mara came over for some juice and cookies around 4pm, so we got to see each other one more time before I left. After the concert the whole part of the city in the area where the stadium is was crowded with Coldplay fans. Fortunately we had taken Jasmin’s bikes to go to the stadium, so we could squeeze in between the cars and people walking on the streets. Unfortunately our coffee date with Uschi did not work out, because something popped up, but we had some coffee with Nathalie instead, which was nice as well, because she had worked at the concert till 5am and then had to be back at her other job early in the morning. I bet she was really tired, but she still wanted to see me one last time and we had a really good time. After our coffee date Jasmin and I went back to my parents’ house so I could start packing and we needed to go to the store to get some things before I left. Of course my mom cooked for me and it was delicious!!! Nicole came by a little later as well to say bye and so did Elli. It was really good to see them again, even if it was late and only for a short time, but they made the time, which I really appreciate!!! My plane was scheduled for 7.20am on Thursday morning, so we left my parents’ house at 5.30am. My dad had to go to work soon after, so my parents did not stick around too long, but Jasmin did. As we got to the counter to check-in the woman asked for my address in the U.S. and I told her that I was a permanent resident. Maybe I should not have said that, because she got really bitchy afterward. One of my suitcases was one kilo too heavy and the other one two. She looked down at me and asked how many more things I had, because Jasmin had a bigger bag with her too. But we told her that that was not mine and then she made me weigh my hand luggage, which was also 2 kilos too heavy. She started lecturing me and said she could make me pay now, but that she was not going to. So I said thanks and left. Jasmin and I made fun of her afterward. The plane ride home to Dallas was okay, but way too long! Ten and a half hours is way too long. The food sucked big time, so I was happy that I still had some baked goods and two sandwiches in my hand luggage. I could barely sleep and we got to Dallas 30 minutes late. Going through the passport check did not take long at all and I could go to one of the “U.S. citizens/residents”-counters. The only thing that took long was my suitcases. They were probably the last ones to get on the belt. Aaron picked me up and he had some beautiful flowers for me. We were at the apartment at 4.30pm and I had to leave at 5.30pm to teach my Zumba® Fitness class, because I had promised the members I would come and teach it. It was a long day and I went to bed at 9.45pm that night, because I was really tired and I had to work all day on Friday. Overall, I had a terrific time in Germany and it was good to see all my girls and my parents, my brother and Nicole. I am still disappointed that sometimes my expectations cannot be met, even if I do not ask for much, but sometimes the saying “Out of sight, out of mind” still applies, even if it is only on one side.

I miss my family, and I am glad my mom and dad enjoyed my stay. They and Jasmin did a lot for me in that one week and I really appreciate it!!!! Luv u guys!!!

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