Monday, August 3, 2009

Dear August - let's do this!!!

Wow, it is already August, can y'all believe it?? I can't. This month we have a lot going on. Aaron is going to Costa Rica on Wednesday, his grandma is coming to Dallas on Wednesday as well, my six-months-anniversary of being a legal citizen of the U.S. is coming up and I am sure there is gonna be a lot more! ;-)

Let's see what happened this past week. Aaron and I both worked a lot and other than that did not really do much more. I sold another session package, but my goal for this month is to sell at least 24 sessions each week. And that is absolutely realistic (pressure?? ;-)). There was a lot of rain this week and I sure did not like it at all, because those weather-headaches are not fun at all. Aaron's family has been spoiling us this week. On Tuesday we went over to Amy's house and she had made peanut-butter-soup (my favorite meal) and then my second-favorite meal as well, which she sent home with us and it lasted us for two days!!! My classes are going excellent and they are growing as well. Personal Training has picked up some as well and it is getting better every day because slowly people know who I am there now, too, and my bio is on the wall, so people can learn more about me and my education. Last night we went to Tut's house and she had made peanut-butter-soup as well! Thank you!!!I have been working out every day and feel great. It is really weird how burning energy can actually give you more energy!I heard that my mom was a little upset about my last blog entry because I did not mention how great she is. My mom is the best mom you could ever have and she is awesome! We all have our moments, but I know she will always be there for me and always do her very best and more to keep myself and my siblings happy. Don't be sad that I am not there right now, mom, you know deep in your heart that this is the right thing for me and you know you would have done the same thing back in the day if the circumstances had been different!


jasmin said...

you did not mention me this time :-(

Minchen said...

of course you were mentioned!!! You did not see the heart I painted just for you?