Saturday, January 1, 2011

So I think it's time for us to have a toast - .......

2011... It's the year to get in shape, to save some money, to travel, to clean up, to xxx, to xxx, to xxx,...... some people's list goes on and on. But why is it that people need a January 1st to change life's habits? Why not NOW? I personally think it is bullsh*t. If you want to change something, do it now!! Do not eat your last bag of cookies and chips today, because you are starting your diet to loose ten pounds tomorrow. Do not smoke double the cigarettes that you normally smoke today, because you are quitting tomorrow. Do not spend a lot of money on a shopping spree because you are starting to save money tomorrow. Do it NOW! Adjust your life to be happy. Just be happy with yourself or adjust your life, but PLEASE quit complaining and making promises to yourself and the people around you that you are only going to break, because your New Year's resolution is only going to last one month and then it is back to the habits. Make it a habit to be happy, adjust if need be. Work on yourself and create new habits that you are going to stick to.
Alright, that was my New Year's announcement!
Now, back to the stuff everybody really wants to know, LOL. Our Christmas was..... well, it came and went. Jasmin and I had a lovely lunch with some of my coworkers after a morning of work and a terrific Zumba(R) Fitness class at Gold's on Christmas Eve. We had a blast in those 75 minutes and we wore matching outfits, hehe he. I turned into a five-and-a-half year old that afternoon, because I really needed a nap AND it was Friday. Woke up at 6pm and cooked for my hungry mouths. We had a nice healthy dindin and watched a movie. OF COURSE I fell asleep and nobody woke me up at midnight. Aaron got his gifts that night a little later than planned and Jasmin and I exchanged gifts on Christmas morning, like an American Christmas tradition. Working with people, or making them work at that, is a very demanding job, if you ask me. Lately we have had a lot of changes at work - new programs we launched, new admin stuff, you name it. This has gone so far as me turning on my computer when I get home and working for a couple of hours after work. Aaron has even asked me not to work anymore at home, because I took a certain program lauch a little bit too serious. Anyway, what I am meaninig to say: being a trainer is a life-altering job and I could not love it more. I truly love what I do, how I impact people's lives and how, through me, people find the inspiration and motivation to make changes to achieve their goal, whatever it may be. Being in America you feel the love, especially around Christmas! I wrote Christmas-thank-you-cards to each of my clients who I met with during the last week before Christmas and it is amazing how warm and thankful the response was, even to just a personal note from me! Of course I got some other awesome gift-cards AND Mavs tickets to THE game! L. A. Lakers, baby! (Thanks again Martin family!)
The last week of 2010 passed pretty quickly and now it is already 2011. That's weird to type that. Anyway, Jasmin and I cooked tonight and met up with some friends at a friend's house. We went late because we really did not know what exactly we wanted to do after dindin and a movie, but it worked out eventually and we got to toast to 2011 with more than just ourselves.
My birthday is in ten days. My two year anniversary of being a permanent resident is in six weeks!

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TheRealToddSmiff said...

As true today as it was..... when it was written.
I couldn't agree more, but unfortunately the new year is an excuse to change your life and if you're using an excuse instead of making a commitment you're not going to succeed.