Sunday, January 9, 2011


It is nine days into the year 2011.... Who is still holding on to their new year's resolution? I am pretty sure I know about approximately 19 people.... Exactly those who came to the gym at 7am on Saturday for my co-worker Aaron and my Fit Camp class at the gym. One word: CRAZY. But also: good job! We had about 19 peeps in there ready to get their asses kicked, at a very human time on a Saturday at 7am. Yuck. If I had had a choice, you already know I would not have been there. LOL. We had fun though. Everyone did great and nobody threw up, yeay! AND since I was already up at the gym I thought I might as well do my cardio for the day, hehe he.
Anyway, Tuesday is the day: 1-11-11. LOL Jasmin and I are going to be 27. What? NOOOOOO! Well, what does age really mean though? Doesn't wine get better with age? I really do not feel like I am about to be 27 years old. I feel more like a nice 21 or 22. I know I can act according to my age, but what exactly does that mean too?? I get to turn into a three-year-old on my "nap-days", I do adult things, like work and pay some bills and take care of my babies (Champ and Cody), but do we really have to put a number on there? Jasmin's health age was 23 the other day. Maybe mine is about the same, so that would be more according to what I feel like. So, let's just say I am "mid-twenty". I think that is good. And as long as I do not feel my age I will just stick to that.
Champy has been super-active. He has to get his shots this month, poor baby. We will see how that is gonna go. Jasmin is leaving on the 21st, sniff sniff. Friday night we went to the movies. "Black Swan". Greatness. Such a good movie. I was really impressed! Today, it is snowing. I do not know who the f*ck ordered that sh*t but it better be gone asap. Me no likey. I like it when it is warmer outside.... No jackets, no hats, and most important no f*cking ice on my car at 5.30am when I have to go to work to kick some a**. ;-)
Anyway, dear Mister Weatherman, please make the sun shine on my birthday. That's all I want :D.

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Bastian said...

Happy Birthday to both of you! Enjoy your day (hopefully a sunny one) and stay away from too much work.