Thursday, October 14, 2010

Decisions, decisions............

Every day we face them. What to wear, what to eat, what to do? Some are minor, some are major. Some match our moods, some match the weather. Some we have to think about more, some are spontaneous. What if the decision we make matches what we want, but not what we need? But how do you know what you need and what you want? How do you know if what you want is what you need and what you need is what you want? What if another person's actions affect your decision-making? Of course you do not want to hurt anybody by a decision you know you need to make in order to get what you need or want, but what if you cannot necessarily avoid that? Is it better sometimes to make a decision that might not result in something you want but need? Or is it better to get what you want, whereas you know that does not match what you need, but you know it does not end up hurting anyone. Is that going to be a good decision? What if a good decision turns out to be the wrong one in the long run? You cannot tell that when you make that decision in the beginning thinking it is the right one. But in the end, everyone has to make one. Either good or bad. Matching the want or the need, both or neither.

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