Thursday, September 9, 2010

85 days and counting DOWN!

My Jasmin will be here in 85 days. Hooray. She will be here for seven full weeks and it is going to be so awesome! I already booked our tickets for NYC. We will be leaving on Thursday, December 9th and will be coming back on Saturday, December 11th. I cannot wait to go with her, it is going to be sooo much fun! The first weekend she is going to be here we are also going to go to IKEA, because the man and I are moving at the end of October and I am sure we will need a thing or two for the new place. Hopefully Jasmin will not be too jetlagged, but if she is I will just give her coffee, coffee and more coffee. This week on Monday was Labor Day and we taught a one and a half hour long Zumba(R) Fitness class at Baylor Tom Landry. We had four instructors there and about 60 members in the class room. It was so much fun. Last night there was a tornado watch and they actually "evacuated" us into the ladies locker room for like 20 minutes as I got there. They said we could either leave or stay put. I stayed put because I was not about to be blown away in my little Beetle. Haha. It was all for safety reasons and it was good that way. We started class 15 minutes late, but still had a blast. I changed my schedule at work so that I do not have to drive there that often anymore and have a little more time at home. I am trying to work smarter, not harder. I am gonna save a little bit on gas too. Hehe he. This weekend we are meeting some of our old neighbors for dindin, that's going to be fun!

Results of Hermine's doing - flooded water blocking the street I usually take to get to work....

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Bastian said...

Currently being in Detroit, I can offer to ask them to switch from cars to boats if you want me to.