Saturday, August 21, 2010

We almost survived the hottest month of the year!

All my non-Texan readers, August is the hottest month of the year in Texas. And this year has not been any different. We have had triple digits for several weeks now, with sporadic rain showers. This week at work has been another hard and long one. But keeping myself busy makes the week pass so fast that the weekends pop up faster and faster. Also, Jasmin plans on being here soon as well. If everything works out she will be here at the beginning of December till mid-January. YEAY!!! And then I am going to take her to NEW YORK CITY!! I am so excited! I can hardly wait. We have been planning on going Christmas shopping in NYC forever, so it will be so awesome to finally go. Right now she is not so feeling so well, and I mean I feel like we get closer every time we see each other, but this is ridiculous. She was telling me the other day how she felt like she was tired all the time and had no energy. And believe it or not, but before she was telling me about her not feeling well, I had not been either the couple of days prior. Isn't that insane? So, this connection between her and I gets stronger and stronger, though we could not be further apart from each other with her being in Turkey and me being here in Dallas, TX, USA. School is starting again here in Dallas next week, so that means this weekend is tax-free weekend in Texas. That also meant that people started going crazy beginning Friday morning at 12.01am. Tax-free weekend means (for some of yall who do not know) that certain items are exempt from the sales tax, like backpacks, sneakers, clothes, school supplies and so on, as long as they are under $100. Oh well, I am not going anywhere near a mall this weekend. I do not need anything in my closet other than cleaning it up and sorting some things out and I am really looking forward to seeing my Jassele in December and would rather treat her to some goodies then, and of course go to "H & M" in NY. Yeay! Guys, we really need one here. Seriously! Alright, it is the weekend, I have nothing to do other than the normal stuff, like laundry and prep for the next work-week. Maybe I'll go get my tire fixed this weekend, hehe he.....

Jassele, we will go see this one in NYC. I already walked by it the last time I was there!! ;-)

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jasmin said...

every time i read ur block it makes me wanna cry..... its time that we get together lady...!!!!