Monday, June 29, 2009


Jasmin left yesterday. I am sad. I have to start working today, so that is going to give me some kind of distraction at least. We had tons of fun though. Wednesday we went to San Antonio, Sea World. Aaron and I were a little disappointed, but Jasmin had a lot of fun, so that is good. We met Shamu and some dolphins and had to cool off in the inside attractions because it was 107°F outside, urgh! We spent the night in a hotel and went to San Marcos and Austin on Thursday. The outlet mall was a little too much, because we were really tired, but Austin at night was tons of fun. The guys made sure Jasmin had a drink in her hands at all times as we went down 6th Street.
So, now it is just Aaron, Cody and I left here - for now.
I miss my Jassel.....

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