Monday, June 22, 2009

One more week :-(

One more week. One more week till it is just Aaron and I again. One more week of fun things to do. One more week till she leaves. :-(
Jasmin and I have been hitting up the malls, the pool and she got her first EVER pedicure. We have been taking some
ZUMBA® Fitness classes and the ZUMBA® toning workshop in Waxahahchie. That was soooooo much fun.

This weekend we went out in Dallas and we had a lot of fun, too. This coming week we have something special planned for her. I had originally planned to take her to Mexico, but with the swine flu and all that drama, we decided not to go and rather hang out in Dallas a little more and go to Wal-Mart and get hit on every time we go. ;-)

It is hot in Dallas, and I love it. It is cold in Germany, I hope Jasmin will not catch a cold when she goes back this coming Sunday. I am going to start working the Monday after. I was supposed to start this past Thursday, but I asked if I could postpone it, since Jasmin is in town right now. And if I had to work right now, we would not be able to do Aaron's surprise idea with her ;-).

Jasmin has even turned into a dog-lover - ish. She actually likes Cody a lot and she is so cute. Since Jasmin and I have the same voice it is so cute how Cody looks like whenever we both call her. I would actually like to look into her head and see what she is thinking when we mess with her like that. Anyway, Jasmin needs to get her hair cut today and then it is pool-time and late tonight: BOOTCAMP. baby!!!

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