Sunday, July 31, 2011

We might have to reconsider this blog's name.....

Why? Ha, teaser! Anyway, I'll be in Germany in four weeks, wheeee!!! I am super excited! Hopefully my God-child Kali will be born before I leave, so I can meet her! Again, if anyone wants to spend time with me, please let me know, so we can make plans. Jasmin and my parents have lots of things planned with and for me. This past weekend my aunt and uncle and their two girls were here. We had a blast! That was my first family visit besides my sister, but next year in May my parents plan on coming here and I believe my Jassel as well. The babies are growing and learning every day. Right now we are trying to get them used to their collars, which they do not really like, but oh well. I cannot wait till they meet their mommies! They sure have nice personalities. Rocky and Roxy got their microships and their second shots a couple of weeks ago and in two weeks we need to get the third round of shots done, as well as their health certificates and the USDA appproval. Right now they are snugggling in their little bed. Too cute. It's gonna be really hard to leave them in Germany after having spent like three months with them. :-(

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