Saturday, February 19, 2011

Happy Hug And Kiss Day - OR - Two years later and I am still here!! :-D

Monday was Valentine's Day. Yeay. Happy Hug and Kiss Day. We were actually allowed to wear an appropriate Valentine's Day Shirt at work that day, which I thought was *awesome*, but I suppose nobody else shared that opinion. At least in the PT department. Only the OM wore a shirt with hearts as well, and mine had smoochies all over it. Aaron and I went on a lunch date that day, because we both worked till 8pm. Actually, we do not really care about Valentine's Day that much, but it was also my two year anniversary of my immigration and that means I now have been a permanent resident for two years. That also means, three years to go till I can start the whole naturalization process. Anyway, last year my anniversary was forgotten (wink, wink) and this year we did not really mention it either, but I suppose it is ok. Anyway, we had really low temperatures the other week, actually the week of my last blog. That Friday I did not go to work either. Aaron came home pretty late that night and I was about to cuss him out as he came home, as he gave me a pretty good explanation for his being late. Him and Marcus had gotten stuck in the snow and had to actually call the fire department to help them - infront of the gate of the apartment's parking lot, hehe he. Needless to say, the gym was closed till 10am and most of my clients cancelled, if they had not originally had a session that was before 10am. Weather is back to normal now. We had a nice 22°C today and it was really sunny outside! Last weekend I dropped off the babies to get their hair cut. It was Champy's first time and he sure did not want to go with the nice lady who cut his hair. He had a little bandana on as I picked him up and now he can actually see again without having to shake hair out of his face!

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