Sunday, March 2, 2014

What came first - the Declaration of Independence or the writing of the Constitution?

So, seriously ask yourself the following question and try to answer it without looking up the answer online: "How many amendments does the Constitution have?" Anyone? I have my interview for naturalization tomorrow (March, 3rd 2014) and that is one of the questions on my list. I have to be able to answer six out of up to ten questions correctly, chosen out of a 100 question catalog. Hmm, yea. I am a little anxious but I have had co-workers quiz me as well as the man, I have had conversations about the questions with my clients and managers and that has helped A LOT. Some things just did not want to stick in my head but I think I am pretty well prepared now with everyone's help. The man is driving me downtown because I am pretty sure I would get lost. 
Last night we had the pleasure of attending a beautiful wedding. One of my clients tied the knot with her man and we had a great time celebrating the awesome union of the two families. My mind is focused on tomorrow so here are some pics of the last couple of weeks while I am going to watch the Oscars on TV.

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